Alkimya is an Action-Adventure game based on Alchemy, that allows you to create your own bombs, tonics and sword oils to explore a new fantasy world, home of science, homunculi and chimeras. Recover the secrets of the past using the power of potions. Defeat fearsome enemies, solve challenging puzzles and transform the environment to become a true master alchemist!

        The game was Greenlit in 9 days, and will be available on PC, Mac, Playstation 4 and Xbox One. Alkimya should be launched at Q2 2017.


       Alkimya takes place in a land that once was the cradle of Alchemy, but now is devastated by an old war. Test subjects from decades of experiments have escaped and made the region their lair. Mya is a young woman who wakes up in an field, confused and with no memories, but some alchemy knowledge.

       She starts the journey to survive and recover her identity. Pan is a mysterious homunculus that finds Mya passed out, and feeling a special connection, decides to follow her. Together, they will explore the land of Isur, abandoned home of brilliant alchemists, facing mortal danger in an adventure that will test their friendship and self-knowledge.



- Make your own potion: Combine Air and Fire to create Lightning or change flasks to transform an explosion into a barrier. More than 75 effects to customize!

- Choose your path: Decide the events of the past and affect the future of the world through your choices

- Interactive environment: Burn! Freeze! Electrify! Through alchemy, you can transform the surroundings and solve puzzles. Raise the water level of a lake! Use the wind to move objects!

- Challenging combat: Each enemy has a better way to defeat it and elemental resistance/weakness

- Alchemy puzzles: Solve challenging puzzles using potions, finding the right element, the right flask, and most important, using the wits

- Local Co-op mode: Join the main story as Pan, a flying homunculus, to help in combat, solve puzzles and collect resources.

- Fresh fantasy world: Explore 5 different regions, such as a homunculi factory in a volcano, and use Alchemy to survive them.

- Skill tree: choose the kind of Alchemist you want to be. Potions? Combat? Bombs? Homunculi?

- Customize: Choose the kind of Alchemist you want to be through the Skill system and improve stats Crafting new pieces of armor! Make your own Choices!

Pedro Tavares
Concept, 3D character art and animation

Gilvan Barolli
3D character and enviroment art

EdH Müller
2D cutscenes art

Bad Minions

        Bad Minions is a small indie games studio from Brazil. It's four years old now. In the first couple years, we developed mobile games, which allowed us to gain experience and level up. At some point, we decided to pursue our dreams and make bigger and better 3D games for PC and Consoles. Today, there are 4 people working directly on the development of Alkimya, and most of us worked in other game companies before.

        Our studio is also part of an indie house, which is the home of two other indie teams. We can say that it's an amazing environment, where everyone involved shares their experience and knowledge, helping each other to grow. It's also an environment where you can breathe game development at any time of the day.

Awards & Recognition

​"Game Connection - Finalist" Best Console / PC Hardcore and Best Hardcore Game - 14 March, 2016
"BIG Starter - Finalist" - 2nd July, 2015
"SBGames Art Exhibition - Conceptual Art and Screenshot finalist" - 12 November, 2015
"SBGames Winner Best Game by popular vote" - 10 September, 2016
"SBGames - Finalist" Best Visual Art - 10 September, 2016
"Brazil Game Awards - Finalist" Best Brazilian Game and Best Independent Game - 9 September, 2016


​Developer: Bad Minions

Based in Brasília, Brazil

Genres: Adventure, Action

Platforms: PC and Consoles (TBA)


Regular Price: TBA

Release Date: 2017

Localization: English, Brazilian Portuguese

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Logo and Icon



Michel Victor
2D cutscenes animation

Anderson Cardoso

Tamyres Iracet
3D Artist

Alkimya Credits

Leonardo Batelli
Code, story and production

Felipe F. Costa
3D enviroment art and FX

Yuri Éderon